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  • First Appointment - Assessment $150
    Change is possible!  This is the start of any counseling program.  To begin with the end in mind in order to understand how best to serve you in making the changes needed in your life.  There are many ways for healing and making changes.  Many NEW tools for easier change.
  • Standard Appointment $125
    Most topics can be well covered in the standard 45-50 minute Therapeutic hour.
  • Hypnosis - Program $499.97
    Valued between $575-$1350. This program consists of a first one hour orientation and de-stress training session. Then a two hour hypnosis appointment followed up two weeks later by a final polish hypnosis session.  Typically over 90% are completely smoking free from the two hour hypnosis session. 
  • Telahealth Visit
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Counselor / Provider: Rodney Limb M.Ed., LCPC, LMFT